Medical School

Sixth year (IMED 6661/6662)

Unit outlines

The unit consists of an eight-week clinical attachment, including one week of palliative care, supplemented by tutorials covering important areas of the curriculum.


The aims for sixth year are for you to:

  • work integrally with the medical team in the delivery of all phases of care to patients
  • gain experience in a wide range of disorders and patients with complex, acute and chronic problems, as well as specialty areas of palliative care and dermatology
  • practise evidence-based medicine
  • tbecome proficient in the skills required by interns, including the use of hospital information systems, and to understand the complex relationship between tertiary, secondary and primary health care delivery.

Your role will be as a pre-intern, within a hospital medical unit, and the core of your learning experience will be through self-directed learning based upon your clinical and work experiences within the team. Overall unit assessment is via tutor rating of your skills as a pre-intern, problem-solving exercise, completion of discharge summaries and drug charts, carrying out basic procedures and so forth.


7 Weeks
8 Weeks
Pre-intern medicine including dermatology and palliative care
8 Weeks
Pre-intern surgery / anaesthetics
5 Weeks
Emergency medicine
5 Weeks
5 Weeks
Rural general practice
1 Week
Campus week
Across the year
Personal and professional development unit (ongoing from previous years)