Medical School

Fourth year (IMED 4461/4462)

Unit outlines

This is an eight-week clinical attachment supported by a problem-based learning and tutorial program.


This year will focus is on:

  • developing your core clinical skills such as history taking and physical examination
  • developing your clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills
  • practicing your basic procedural skills
  • developing your skills in communicating with patients and colleagues.


Outcomes have been developed and are available in the fourth year guidebook (webct login required).

As a way of integrating understanding of socio-cultural issues and how they impact on health care and health care provision, in particular on indigenous patients, there is a requirement for one compulsory Aboriginal case report. This is supported by a tutorial run by the Centre of Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health

Overall assessment of the unit is based on: 

  • three written cases (one general medical case, one aboriginal health case, and one infectious diseases case)
  • an observed case presentation
  • logbook review
  • overall tutor rating
  • problem based learning attendance 
  • two ward presentations. 


2 weeks
Preparation for Practice (IMED 4403)
8 weeks
Medicine (IMED 4461/4462)
8 weeks
Surgery (IMED 4481/4482)
8 weeks
Psychiatry (IMED 4471/4472)
8 weeks
Medical Specialty -Geriatric Medicine (4 weeks) (IMED 4491/4492)
Medical Specialty - Musculoskeletal Medicine (4 weeks) (IMED 4491/4492)
2 weeks
Campus Week Lectures and Workshops (Week 1 between terms 2&3; Week 2 between terms 4&5)
One afternoon / week all year
Research and Discovery (IMED 4501/4502)
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (IMED 4451/4452)
Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (IMED 4441/4442)
Infectious Diseases (IMED 4431/4432)