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Rujia Jiang

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Dec 2015

Rujia Jiang

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The effect of coffee polyphenols on cardiovascular diseases


This research project investigates the protective effects of coffee polyphenols on cardiovascular disease, using cellular, animal and human models. We anticipate that the major polyphenols (chlorogenic acid and its metabolites) found in coffee will provide beneficial effects to endothelial cells and have an impact on platelet aggregation. These effects will be mediated via enhanced nitric oxide bio-availability, protection against oxidative stress and via inhibition of platelet aggregation.

Why my research is important

It is in the interests of public health that the effects of dietary polyphenols on cardiovascular diseases and the mechanisms are investigated. This research project will provide important mechanistic insight into the cardiovascular health benefits associated with dietary polyphenols intake and could offer potential new dietary options for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.