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Research LeadersProfessor Peter Leedman

Professor Peter Leedman

Peter Leedman devotes his time at the WA Institute of Medical Research, to breast and prostate cancers.

His is also a Professor in the School of Medicine and Pharmacology.

We lead a large and successful research program, carried out in laboratories, hospitals and the community and spanning the breadth of medical research.

Research areas

exploring the science of biology including the application of biostatistics, and analysis of education, safety, promotion and economics in health
ranging from cancer biology and colon cancer to psycho-oncology.
Cell therapy and regenerative medicine
information about cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
Chronic and preventable diseases
studies of preventable diseases, particulary those of the liver, bowel and cardiovascular system, and associated risk factors
Endocrinology and cardiovascular disease
studies of the vascular system, and diseases of the bones, metabolism, thyroid and cardiovascular systems.
Gastrointestinal and liver diseases
molecular hepatology, hepatitis and the metabolism of iron as well as other studies related to the stomach, intestines and liver.
range of subjects relevant to ageing and age-related diseases or health issues such as dementia, depression and falls.
Infectious diseases and immunity
relationship between the immune system and transplants, infectious diseases, tumours and other diseases.
Neurosciences and behavioural science
the nervous sytem, behaviour of particular cells and their relationship to diseases such as dementia and schizophrenia
Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Anaesthesiology Unit
effect of drugs on respiratory, immune and nervous systems and their role in pain management and disease treatment
Respiratory diseases
respiratory system and associated diseases such as asthma and pneumonia


Australian Neuromuscular Research Institute (ANRI)
integrating laboratory science, clinical research, drug trials and clinical practices to advance the health of patients with neuromuscular or neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and Muscular Dystrophy
Lung Institute of WA (LIWA)
dedicated to investigating lung disease
Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing (WACHA)
focused on extending healthy life and preventing disease in older Australians through research and education
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (HPIMR)
Harry Perkins Institute logo
investigating the genetic and environmental causes of a range of diseases