Medical School

Student awards


We reward our students for outstanding achievements in their studies.  

  1. James W. Paterson Medal
  2. Mary Fauriel Lockett Prize

James W. Paterson Medal

The James W. Paterson Medal is awarded by the Board of Examiners to the student who achieves the highest aggregate mark for PHAR2210 Principles of Pharmacology and PHAR2230 Systems Pharmacology.


  • 2008 - Sabine Beck and Vidya Seenarain
  • 2007 - Heather Patterson
  • 2006 - Jacqueline Soraru
  • 2005 - Renae Fernandez
  • 2004 - Anna Yip
  • 2003 - Louise Blackmore
  • 2002 - Hannah Joyce
  • 2001 - Ellen Kang and Andrew Jardine

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Mary Fauriel Lockett Prize

In 1988, the then Department of Pharmacology provided an endowment of $1500 to establish a fund for a prize in recognition of the great contribution made by its foundation professor, Mary Fauriel Lockett.

The Mary Fauriel Lockett Prize in Pharmacology consists of the annual income from the fund after capitalisation in accordance with Senate policy. It is awarded by the Board of Examiners in Life and Physical Sciences to the student in the course for the degree of Bachelor of Science who, among those who have achieved a high distinction in both PHAR3301 Molecular Pharmacology and PHAR3302 Systems Pharmacology, has gained the highest aggregate mark for those units.


  • 2008 - Huong Tran
  • 2007 - Sarah Forrest
  • 2006 - Anna Yip
  • 2005 - Erin Edwards
  • 2004 - Louise Blackmore
  • 2003 - Hannah Joyce
  • 2002 - Ellen Kang and Andrew Jardine

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